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Meshia Henderson


Meshia Henderson is originally from South Carolina. She has always loved scrapbooking and writing poetry.

She is a mother of 5 wonderful children, ranging from ages 2-16 years old.

One of her children who is 5 years old has Asperger’s syndrome (autism), which inspired her even more to create fun and engaging books for kids.

She has a heart of gold and always wishes the best for everyone. Since 2007, she has been a caregiver for the elderly.

She loves to spend her free time with her family.

Books by Meshia Henderson

Does Planet Earth Have Friends? - Book cover
Often, kids seem to have an incredible imagination and wonder about the world around them. Jade is just like any other curious kid! She is curious to know whether the planet Earth we live upon has friends. She fears that Earth may be lonely. Jade’s mother comforts her, saying that God created a friend for everyone and everything. In times when we think that no one is there, God sends us a friend!
Fiction > Children