Michael C Ferrier


Micheal (Mike) Ferrier is a veteran Ad Man and inveterate international traveller. He has lived in 15 countries, speaks five languages, and been responsible for some of the world's most cherished international advertising campaigns.
His life and experiences are described in the 2006 book "Propellers and Purple Socks" (published by his previous employers, but out of print). Described as a 'hilarious romp through the scandalous world of the advertisers', it tells life as it was - not how it is imagined in the popular TV series, "Mad Men".
He writes as you would expect the seasoned ad man to write. Punchy, fast moving, easy-to-read and at times funny, erotic, dramatic and suspenseful.

Books by Michael C Ferrier

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If you liked 'Mad Men' you will love this story. Paz, a beautiful Mexican-American, dreams of being a model. She gets her chance when a hard driving ad man chooses her to be spokes-person for a dark Mexican beer blend being imported into Florida. The campaign slogan "brown power" is taken over by the main Mexican opposition party and Paz becomes the spokes-person for a US style political campaign that transforms the political landscape by encouraging Mexican nationalism, macho values and anti-Americanism.