Michael Pronko

Author, Journalist, Teacher


For the past 18 years, I have been living and teaching in Tokyo. I write about Japanese culture, art, jazz, society, architecture and politics for Newsweek Japan, The Japan Times, Artscape Japan, as well as other publications. My writing about Tokyo got me invited onto NHK (Japan’s PBS) and Nippon Television to talk and make video versions of my essays. I have my own website about the jazz scene in Japan, Jazz in Japan (www.jazzinjapan.com). Day-job-wise, I teach American Literature and Culture (novels, film, art and music) at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo.  After discussing Kurt Vonnegut or Jackson Pollock in class, I’m usually in the right frame of mind to wander Tokyo contemplating its intensity, immensity and delight. 

Books by Michael Pronko

Motions and Moments by Michael Pronko. Essays on Tokyo, Japan. Book cover.