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Mr. Mintz


Mr. Mintz is the author and publisher of children’s books. The key feature of the books published under Mr. Mintz’s name is that they have been written by kids for kids, or with their active participation. For example, the first book, Good Morning, Son, was invented by 5-year-old Arnold and written by his Dad. The Mountain’s Secret was written by a teenager – with the help of mysterious images Nadia shares her adolescent fears and emotions. Children also took part in creating a new book by Mr. Mintz – Ori + Gami and Friends. It was the kids who chose their favorite animals to become characters of this book, as well as helped develop origami diagrams.

Mr. Mintz books have been created for kids by kids, that’s why kids love them so much!!!

Books by Mr. Mintz

Easy Christmas Origami - Book cover
Easy Christmas Origami is a special package that was designed to be an inexpensive alternative to the paper book. It consists of an engaging Christmas story and contains a link in the book to download templates for free so you can print them out at home! Revel in the joy of Christmas and spread the holiday cheer with this origami storybook and create cute origami animals with a fun, original Christmas story!
Fiction > Children
Easy Origami for Kids - Book cover
Children can be restless, dynamic, social or introverted, and you may be having trouble looking for ways to entertain them in a healthy way. Now you have a chance to take them away from screens, and exploit their imagination. In this one of a kind children's book, you will get to know Professor Foldini, the owner of the magic shop, and join his ventures. Along the way, you and your children will learn how to create beautiful origami artworks, bond with your kid, and expand their imagination and creative mind!
Fiction > Children