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Nanyamka Boyer


Nanyamka Boyer was born in Colon City, Panama. She moved to the United States in 1995. She got saved on January 6th of 2003 and she is the second oldest child of five children and resides in Texas with her husband and four children and focuses on serving the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior!

Books by Nanyamka Boyer

Jesus: The Sweet Lover Of Our Souls! - Book cover
"With the Lord you will always feel adored, wanted and special, because you are His most treasured and valued possession!" A book that will whet your appetite for the Lord Jesus, as you learn from Nanyamka's own personal experiences in her walk with God and teachings from the Lord by her close relationship with Him, about His faithfulness, His unchanging and unconditionally love for you!
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
Visions With Jesus, Satan, Heaven, and Hell - Book cover
In a dream, in a vision of the night, the Lord told Nanyamka: "Keep your focus on me and not on your circumstances!" In this book, Nanyamka and her children share some of their personal encounters with the Lord Jesus through visions they have had in their dreams about Heaven, Hell, Satan, and the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality