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Natalia Frost


Natalia Frost was born in 1980 and grew up in the North West of England. She dreamed of writing children's fiction since being a young teenager but never put pen to paper until her own children were born. Inspired by her favourite time of the day - snuggling with her two daughters and reading them their bedtime story - Natalia decided to write about the most magical time of year that awoke that special awe and wonder in her daughters' hearts and minds. Christmas! Nothing seemed to thrill her daughters more than hearing tales about Christmas and Natalia set out to write a modern and enchanting portrayal of that special time of year that her daughters could really identify with.

Books by Natalia Frost

I Just Can't Wait for Christmas by Natalia Frost. Book cover featuring children playing in the snow, Christmas time.
Imagine reading a new Christmas story with your child in the days leading up to Christmas. See the look of excitement in their eyes and enjoy the feeling of happiness as you share the moment together. I Just Can't Wait for Christmas is a Christmas story you will read again and again as your child waits for Santa to arrive.
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