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N.E. Colby


N.E. Colby was born into a military family, she was able to travel and experience many different things. She is a mother of two well-rounded children and married to the love of her life.

N.E. Colby has always had a love for animals. From a young age, she was rescuing strays and adopting animals that needed a good home. N.E. Colby and her husband have been able to pass along their love of animals to their children. They enjoy taking trips to Zoo’s every year for birthdays and just because all while talking about the care required of little creatures that cannot care for themselves. They understand the importance of teaching children from a young age that caring for living things other than themselves will have an important impact on how they develop relationships in the future.
While always having a love for reading with her children and the desire to write children’s books, N.E. Colby decided that the best book to write was something close to her heart. The Junior Zoo Vet series draws from her greatest inspiration, her children, and their love of Zoos.

Books by N.E. Colby

Junior Zoo Vet and the Aye-Aye - Book cover
Come with us to explore all our animals from A to Z and discover the amazing creatures and the love and care that goes into making sure all our animals are, healthy and happy. We start with Vet Logan and Zookeeper Scarlett enjoying their Annual Nocturnal Show when they notice that something is not quite right with Isabella. Not to worry, Isabella the Aye-aye (I-I) is in good hands.
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