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Nikki Holmes


I am a wife, homemaker, animal and nature lover and have built a career in the advertising, media and FMCG industries in South Africa for 14 years with a passion for Visual Arts and Communications. I also volunteer as a tutor for an NPO focusing on improving child literacy in under privileged areas.

It has always been a desire of mine to publish a children's book addressing the issue of self-love and acceptance from an early age (when children start becoming exposed to peer groups) in the hope that children will understand that being their authentic selves is where they will be truly happy.

I was of course once a child too and having personally been through bullying at school, navigating life and realizing that as an individual I had so much to offer, just by bringing my own authentic view and personality to the table. It is vitally important that children understand that they can just be themselves and be happy, not giving into the negative pressures placed on them by others. What better way for a parent to teach this to their child than through a bedtime story they will come to love.

Books by Nikki Holmes

Py Oh My! - Book cover
A story of a long and little dog called Py, with a fun and loving personality! She enjoys eating, playing, swimming, running around and being happy with life just how she is. Fall in love and play along with little Py through her fun and care free approach to life. A perfect bed time story about self-acceptance for young children. A picture book for children 3 - 8 years of age.
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