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Ogwo David Emenike


Ogwo David Emenike is a motivator, essayist, poet, positive change facilitator, life coach, inspirational speaker and visionary leader. He is a sage whose sagacity is directed towards making the system that drives the progress of humanity better. He is the Founder/Leader of the mastermind group, Mysterious Writers, a group of talented writers with the mission of inspiring, encouraging and motivating all and sundry with their talent.

He is the secretary of Higherlife International, a non-governmental organization with the aim of enriching lives positively Ogwo David enjoys writing, reading and thinking. He is the author of the mind-blowing 21st century self-help books, You are a Star and The Fortune in Failing, and publishes articles and essays in leading article websites in the world.

Books by Ogwo David Emenike

Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy
One day I unlocked the mystery of happiness. I remember being provoked and my endurance stressed beyond any human self-control mechanism but instead of flaring up, I actually started smiling to myself and chuckling. It didn’t make sense at first why I was smiling. In fact I didn’t even know. But after some time a consciousness awoke in me. I knew I was hurt but despite being hurt I was still happy.
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Life is the definition we give to it. And so like everything else, failure is the definition you give to it. Failure could be a stepping stone to ones goals if you perceive it to be, it could also be your final bus stop in life if you perceive it to be so.
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You are a Star
Do you aspire to be a high-flier? Do you find it hard rising above temporary setbacks? Are you held hostage by inferiority complex? Are you afraid to take a step or afraid of how great you can turn out to be? Are you being criticized negatively when you come up with new and mind-blowing ideas?
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