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Olaolu Oladosu


Olaolu Oladosu is a preacher, teacher, and author. With about fifteen years' pastoring experience, he has taught the word of God to several audiences all over Nigeria including being a lecturer at a bible school. He was the general secretary of the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship, Lagos state chapter, between 2008 and 2009. He is a graduate of biochemistry with a Masters degree in public health with the University of Liverpool in view.

Books by Olaolu Oladosu

PROSPER by Olaolu Oladosu. Book cover
Prosper is a book written to Christians to show them they have the right to prosper in Christ. It helps the Christian remove every barrier or preconceived mindset concerning prosperity and makes him convinced beyond the shadow of doubt that prosperity is his/her right in Christ. Only a mind that is certain on what the will of God concerning prosperity can function in it, the reading of this book will leave you with no doubt that as a Christian you are meant to live in abundance.
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