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Oleg Borysiuk


Originally from Ukraine, Oleg Borysiuk now lives in Italy. Primarily a web developer and healthcare entrepreneur he has a big strive to help people in need and wants to start his own Сharitable Foundation. Also being an author and designer he has ambitions to provide quality educational books for people of all ages to enjoy. He sincerely believes that his books could spark one's imagination and open gateways to worlds of adventure and knowledge.

Books by Oleg Borysiuk

My Secrets - Book cover

"My secrets" is not just a typical rhyming book. This book is actually 100% made of facts which are rhymed. More than 100 interesting facts about animals. This is definitely the best book a child can use to learn letters in a creative and memorable way. It is quite easy to use; baby animals stand for each letter of the alphabet and rhymes are used to narrate interesting facts about them.

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