Oscar Johnson

Author, Ph.D., Coach

United States


I am not a theologian, preacher or pastor. I am a Christian who studies the Bible and look to it for wisdom, solace, peace and strength. I have been fortunate enough to obtain advanced degrees in science and medicine and published articles in the past regarding medical topics. I have also written a book on Bioethics, a recipe book and a book on Lincoln-Douglas debate form. I was a medical provider in Orthopedics for 35 years, an assistant debate coach, and a self taught cook. I have been on the faculty of multiple medical schools. Not to be proud, but I was pretty good at all these things. Most importantly though, is that I am Christian and know that none of those accomplishments would have been possible without God.

I was born again while in the Air Force during the Vietnam Era. Like most people, I had heard about God and Jesus but really knew nothing. I met a man named Mark who I noticed walked alone every morning memorizing scripture. I don't remember how we exactly met but it led to me being born again. I can never thank him enough for leading me to Jesus, That was 40+ years ago.

I am just a regular Christian that believes that my gift from God was to write. As I am not a great orator, I am hoping that my writing will reach believers and non-believers alike and give them the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.