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Osman Mamoor


Osman Mamoor is a globe-trotting master closer and brilliant writer with over twenty years of successful frontline experience covering various facets of tangible and intangible sales. He endured and conquered the challenges associated with sales success and the crushing feelings of defeat in his Herculean climb to the top of the sales charts of life and business. From his humble beginnings in New York to his world escapades that sparked his desire to achieve sales mastery, Osman continues to rewrite sales history with powerful principles, professional presence, persuasive linguistics, and knowledge that is limited only by his inspiring imagination.

Books by Osman Mamoor

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ASK and You Shall Succeed!—a code of professional conduct and powerful sequential formula that promotes an undeniable aura of success. Appearance, speech, and knowledge are the universal barometers in the court of public opinion. The master closer and the super salesman carefully craft their images with striking appearances.
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