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Patricia Thomas


I am 23 years old and have been writing since I was a little girl. My original dream was to be an actress. Even though I was always writing I never thought I could be an author. But writing is the reason I was able to survive years of abuse and neglect by my family. Writing is the only one I could express myself and my feelings. I happy my dreams could come true and I find my way out of the darkness and into the light by writing.

Books by Patricia Thomas

Real Truth Magazine by Patricia Thomas. Book cover
Instead of human celebrities why not read a magazine about different dolls? In a lot way dolls are like celebrities because dolls are famous. They have commercials about them and movies. So this magazine is about dolls. There relationships, there careers, who is cheating and who is expecting a baby. It is for mostly young girls and teenage girls they can have a magazine for them that they can read and be entertained.
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