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Paul Roberts


I'm thirty years of age and I was born in North Wales and grew up in the county of Gwynedd in the United Kingdom. I now live in Cheshire for over two years now. I have been writing for over three years now and I always love to share my imagination with the world through writing and even drawing. I do suffer from mild dyslexia, which is difficult when writing a story but I have always had support from my partner and I am constantly learning new things.

Books by Paul Roberts

Toby Ripwood in The Dark Sphere Enigma by Paul Roberts. Book cover
One boy in a search for a hidden mystery, delves into a world on an adventure to answer the questions that have plagued him his entire life. Toby Ripwood was living a normal life until he meets a mystery woman named Lillia. She introduces him to a prodigious secret world where he discovers he is definitely not like everyone else. He learns of a hidden sphere to which he has a deep puzzling connection to. He encounters new friends and foes as he embarks on a challenging journey desperately avoiding the sinister Dominus Mortifus.
Fiction > Fantasy