Paul Tokarchuk


I live in the beautiful upstate NY area with my wife and son who are very supportive of my pet sitting business. I have been pet sitting for over 8 years with hundreds of satisfied clients. We recently moved to a bigger property to be able to board several dogs at a time. I recently transitioned the business to just dog walking, Monday through Friday, after acquiring a colleagues dog walking business with over 25 daily clients.

I have always had a creative side and photography has been an important part of my life. Getting out into nature with friends and my camera has been therapeutic. I have had several of my images published in calendars, featured in commercial publications and news stories and have sold many framed prints of my work. Recently I was inspired to help new pet sitters/dog walkers who wanted to get into the business but did not know what was involved. There are many non-professionals who think pet sitting is just easy work. It is a profession though if done properly and can be done part-time as well as full-time. This book is for those who want to run a professional pet sitting business and may need advice on setting up your business efficiently and avoiding burn out, which is very common in the field. Doing a google search turned up many sources of information that were very basic, however there were no books with in-depth knowledge.

Looking at sites like Amazon I found many books that were dated, so I wanted to write a fresh approach that encompassed modern technology and marketing practices. The research for getting a book published had been very informative and if all goes well I would like to write more.

Books by Paul Tokarchuk

So, you want to be a pet sitter? - Book cover
The book explains what you need to set up a pet sitting/dog walking business, the decisions you will need to make before starting and how to set up your business. Topics include managing your business efficiently, good customer service, continuing education, IC's vs employees and tips on how to avoid burn out. In the appendix there are checklists to ensure that you don't miss a step on your way to being a successful business owner.
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