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Peg Tittle


Peg Tittle is the author of Just Think about It, Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off, Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason, What If...Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy, Should Parents be Licensed? Debating the Issues, and Ethical Issues in Business: Inquiries, Cases, and Readings, and contributor to the high school philosophy text, Philosophy: Questions and Theories (McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2003).

She has also written three novels: It Wasn't Enough (Inanna, forthcoming), Exile (Rock's Mills Press, 2018), and What Happened to Tom (Inanna, 2016).

She was a columnist for the Ethics and Emerging Technologies website for a year, The Philosopher Magazine's online philosophy café for eight years, and for Philosophy Now for two years; her columns have also been published on a regular basis in Humanist in Canada, Links, and Academic Exchange Quarterly and on an occasional basis on the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies website and in Inroads, The Nugget, Canadian HR Reporter, Elenchus, Teaching and Learning Literature, University Affairs, South Australian Humanist Post, Forum, and The Humanist.

Lastly, she's served on the ethics committee of the North Bay General Hospital and has had a number of positions in education, social services, and recreation.

Books by Peg Tittle

Just Think about It by Peg Tittle. Book cover
A collection of think pieces on a variety of topics: the environment (the notion of garbage, who owns the water, climate change as entertainment, … ), business (the limits of advertising, business in denial, …), individual rights and social issues (making certain words illegal, slutwalks, cultural anarchy, a concept of noise trespass, …), ethics (what’s wrong with selling your organs, euthanasia, ...
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