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I've always enjoyed writing even as a young child but never dreamed that I would eventually get paid for it! In between my younger years and my writing career I earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Management, traveled to over 20 countries, and became a model and fashion accessory designer. However, the need to write kept calling and so, here I am!

Books by ProsperityJoy

Are The Planets Just For Decoration? by ProsperityJoy. Book cover
Are The Planets Just For Decoration? is fantastic reading filled with amazing insight and intuitive mastery. ProsperityJoy’s fantastic rendition of the metaphysical link between astrology, the planets, and our lives from birth to death (with spiritual steps to conscious awareness of each sign) will have you mesmerized. If you’ve been asleep to the world around you, this book is sure to wake you up. What’s more, the author has managed to condense this knowledge into roughly 107 pages.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality