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R.B.W. Culpepper


RBW Culpepper was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a new author with a flare for haunting tales and fantasy stories. Growing up in a haunted house as a young child made a big impact on his life and his writing style. Over time, he grew use to the ghostly encounters and incorporated some of them into his stories. His first book "Ellena and the Magic Lamp" a fantasy story will be available 08/08/2011. Culpepper has been greatly influenced by Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling, R. L. Stine, Wes Craven, Ray Bradbury, and Stephen King.

Books by R.B.W. Culpepper

Ellena and the Magic Lamp
Ellena and The Magic Lamp tells the story of Ellena Wilson, whose life changes overnight when she receives a special lamp from her father stationed in Iraq. She quickly discovers the lamp she possesses has an actual genie and by keeping it.