Ricardo Alexanders


After obtaining his doctorate in science, Ricardo Alexanders became fascinated with time-travel. As an aspiring writer, he loves to write time-travel stories that blend fantasy, science, and real history together. Dragon Tomb is the first book in the TLR (The Last Resistance) pentalogy.

Books by Ricardo Alexanders

The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb - Book cover
Set in WW II, Dragon Tomb tells a story of a young Chinese archaeologist and an American college professor who save the world from an extraterrestrial Armageddon. When archaeologist Chuan-Jay Hoo becomes a POW in 1939, he's conscripted to work on the excavation of an ancient tomb in China, a process that unearths a secret of alien involvements in human history and the true origin of Chinese civilization. The excavation ends; but China is still in dire need of help.
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