Richard Gant


Richard Gant has a bachelor’s degree in French and Russian, and about fifteen years ago started working as a professional translator. Over the years that passed, translating the texts of others turned out to be the spark he needed to create something of his own.

It was Gant’s wife and daughter who subsequently introduced him to the world of children’s fiction which he found absolutely fascinating. Having always considered himself a student of humour, Gant knew what sort of book he was going to write and didn’t have to look very far to find the story he would tell either. Gant has always been intrigued by the mystique and unpredictability of our feline friends and so it was the fourth member of the family, a very special black cat affectionately nick-named ‘Chaki’, who fitted the bill perfectly.

Books by Richard Gant

From Chaki City to LPC Grad by Richard Gant. Book cover
Where on earth is Chaki City and what in the world is LPC Grad!!? All will be revealed in this tale of two very different clans of cats, who find themselves left to their own devices, somewhere in Central Asia where all the countries end in “Stan”, after their human masters deserted them (good riddance!) in the wake of a nasty virus. Whilst it was a life of luxury for the Cattishtanis thanks to all their TV kibbles commercials, it was anything but for the Little Poor Cats, soon to become the LPCs, who seemed condemned to a life of misery.
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