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Richard H Alan


Richard Alan is never wanting for a creative spark, whether teaching, performing as a singer/songwriter using his unique voice artistry or writing his poetry and prose. With a clever wit and joviality, he faces life’s difficulties with a smile while feeling the gambit of emotions. People who cross his path meet with optimism, kindness, and encouragement, even when he is in tears of pain, trial, or joy.

He is an eternal student with a childlike curiosity to understand the sciences, the arts, history, and all things in nature. Metaphysically, he is insightful, practiced in various disciplines, and knows there is much more to life than meets the eye.

He creates with an overflowing pallet of colors found in the catacombs of his mind where voices compete for attention. Add to that the experience from a 60+-year-old sojourner. As hippie, biker, rocker, hiker, husband, father, or grandpa, this storyteller churns out the unexpected through a multitude of genres. The magical brew of imagination has never failed him and boils still with multiplying fuel for the fire.

Books by Richard H Alan

The Last Train by Richard H Alan. Book cover
Jake sets out to reunite with his wife. The problem? He's dead! Tragedy has struck Mr. and Mrs. Avia while on vacation. A train crash kills Jake and puts Bernadette in the hospital. This is the starting place for Jakes romance driven fantasy adventure. He navigates the strange and unexpected world of angels, demons, and spirit possessions. Richard Alan pokes a hole through the veil between us and an entertaining vision of the afterlife.
Fiction > Fantasy