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Rosemary Hayward


Rosemary Hayward has listed herself as a British author because her stories are, nearly always, set in England and written in British English. She has, in fact, lived in Santa Cruz, California for much of the last twenty years, when she is not living in Seville, Spain.
So, if you are thinking she has a problem with categorization, you'd be right.
What in her history qualifies her to write? She's always read voraciously, from long before going to Hertford College, Oxford to read English to the present moment. She tried writing a novel after some forty years of reading, received encouragement from other writers, got a few short stories into online literary magazines and published her first novel through CreateSpace, in order to get it into the hands of all the people she'd been telling about it.
In between learning to read and publishing a novel she's been a cost and management accountant for a bicycle factory, a full-time mother of three boys, a teacher of finance and accounting at a UK Further Education College and a tax preparer helping Americans negotiate one of their worst times of the year.
She loves solitary outdoor exercise and hates competitive sport; loves crime thrillers on TV and hates reading them; loves craft beer and hates herbal teas. Apart from fiction, history is her favorite reading and art galleries, museums and churches are her favorite places to visit in cities. Stately homes, long walks and bike-rides are her favorite things in the country, especially if there's a pub, tea with cakes or wine tasting involved.
There is more at and at her Facebook author page, Rosemary Hayward - author, which operates as a blog, sort of.

Books by Rosemary Hayward

Margaret Leaving - Book cover
Combining the characters and social commentary of literary fiction with the addictive page-turning of a mystery, Margaret Leaving is a book for serious readers. It's long, the sentences are long, the vocabulary is extensive and idiosyncratically English. The settings may be foreign to you and the predicaments the characters find themselves in surprising. There is a lot of history. What's not to like?
Fiction > Historical