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Roy Humphreys


Roy Humphreys is retired (from paid work) and lives with wife Denise and daughter Rachael in the southern suburbs of Sydney, NSW, Australia. His primary focus is now his family (four children, 8 grandchildren). He also finds time for running (cross country in the Royal National Park area), fishing and, sometimes, writing.
Patrick's Journey is based on the real life story of his great grandfather, 6 generations back, that he heard about at a family reunion many years ago. It was a story that he felt needed telling, but never had the time until retirement came in 2012.

Books by Roy Humphreys

Patrick's Journey by Roy Humphreys. Book cover
It's springtime and 17 year old Patrick Rourke has everything to live for. He's young, strong and healthy, has a loving family and has won the affection of his sweetheart Catherine. Unfortunately, Patrick is also quick tempered and has an unfortunate tendency to use his fists to settle disputes. A relatively minor confrontation with the occupying British Redcoats escalates and Patrick's world is torn apart as he becomes a pawn in the political aspirations of the United Irishmen and suffers the wrath of the British dominated Irish penal system.
Fiction > Historical