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S. D. Dillard


Hello, I am the middle child of five siblings. Growing up in Kansas, there was no shortage of imagination in our home. Even as a young girl I loved to read and create stories. Now, as a grandmother to five precious grand children those stories continue to reveal themselves as each child discovers new things. Watching them grow is the highlight of my life. This is a story I created for my first grandchild after I handcrafted a blanket for her that is still her favorite to this day. To you and yours, please enjoy!

Books by S. D. Dillard

Lola's Fuzzy Snuggly Blanket - Book cover
It's bedtime and Lola's fuzzy, warm and snuggly blanket is missing! Lola can't sleep without her blanket. In this heartwarming story, Lola knows she is getting older and it may be time to give away her first "blankie." But after it goes missing, she knows she needs her blanket more than ever! Even though she misses it badly, Lola has grown so tall, her feet now stick out from under her blanket, leaving her toes exposed and cold.
Fiction > Children