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Sally Little


Combining her passion for both Children and creative writing Sally Little writes magical poems teaching kids essential values in an easy to understand manner.
From her early childhood, Sally had an affinity for writing, which was fueled by her vivid imagination. The comic books she loved to read as a child has influenced her rhythmic writing style and subtle sense of humor.
With the arrival of her beloved little son, she learned what types of books interest kids as well as what parents need for nurturing mindful, socially and emotionally aware children.
Her beautifully illustrated magical stories not only full of lovable characters and engaging storylines but also carry with them an ethical message appealing to the hearts of children.
“My greatest desire in life is to help as many children as possible to grow up to be successful, happy and self-confident.” - Sally Little.

Books by Sally Little

Kids Are Not So Scary - Book cover
What if monsters have the same fears of their own? Kids are not so scary. Amazing discovery of Monster Sid is an interesting and cute bedtime story for toddlers about a smart little Monster Sid who lives a quiet life with his loving mommy and daddy. But every night when the lights are off and parents are gone Sid cannot fall asleep because he is afraid that terrifying kid is hiding in his closet.
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