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Sang Froid


Sang Froid - Sofia Rusalina - a young author from Ukraine, Kiev. A girl that was always interested in writing, dreaming and drawing. All her life she loved fairytales and fantasy stories with dark twists and terrifying details. Horror stories became a part of her life, and so did sad poems. Without any friends she began making up her own friends that became characters, her own worlds. And so, among 8 stories that she has made up this one got the chance to show itself to the world.

"I want to tell people with this book that life is a wonder, a story with different turns for everyone. How you always need to look at a situation from different angles, because you can never know how someone feels in a certain situation unless you take their place. And, how in the end, both sides do good and bad things throughout the story."

Books by Sang Froid

Destroying The Monster Within by Sang Froid. Dark fantasy. Book cover
Kuro is a teenager who’s spent his life dreaming of adventure. His lifelong mission is to dive into the horror of Sir Egao’s world, and bring down the criminal who’s made it his mission to destroy humankind as they know it. Using every ounce of magic he knows, he sets off on his mission – but what he finds, turns his world upside down. This grim dark fantasy book is the fast-paced, twisting and turning fiction that every manga fan needs.
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