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Shefali Walia


About The Author Shefali Walia This is a keeper`s book. These reflections can truly touch people`s lifes and leave a strong impact as it has left in mine. It is mot my story that is important but these words and reflections. Hence I would like to keep this space blank.

Books by Shefali Walia

Alterperspective by Shefali Walia. Book cover
Explore A New World Of Perspectives and Find your Alterperspective with these Reflections! Our perspectives are always handy. It's our opinion about everything and everybody. Perspective originates from our thoughts working at subconscious level. If thoughts can have that much power to build our perspectives and guide our life, what shall be Alterperspective? Are we ready to go against the grain of our thoughts and perspective and walk that path?
Non Fiction > Inspirational