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S.J. Banks


Creative and Technical Writer, Illustrator, Professional Photographer and Digital Painter. I love what I do.

Living in the Rocky Mountains in the Western USA, I don't know if it's the high-altitude air or water, but I have hundreds of ideas for stories that I would like to publish. I had scarcely considered children's books. However, with the Kindle market beginning to boom in kids' books, I thought I would get in on the initial gold rush. And it's an amazing experience.

Books by S.J. Banks

Zys and Zurls - Jokes and Riddles for Naming Nootensil Aliens by S.J. Banks. Book cover
Inspired by his children and several children in a local daycare, Zys and Zurls is a 200+page riddle eBook with over 100 original illustrations for children from 7-16. You know the ages when your kids tell jokes and riddles relentlessly. Created for children, with constant input from children in this age range, Zys and Zurls has sold in almost a dozen countries worldwide. And they just uploaded it on 9 February 2015.
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