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Stacy Hall


Stacy Hall is a passionate children's book author and illustrator known for her cute bright funny characters and stories with which children learn about this world.

From her childhood, Stacy had an affinity for the drawing. But it wasn't until she was 27 that she decided to transform her passion into a vocation.

When she isn't crafting children's stories and illustrating, Stacy enjoys reading watching films and ride a bike.

Books by Stacy Hall

Sam the Bear and his dream - Book cover
Many of us have ever heard these phrases and often from the closest people. And after such words, we put our dreams on hold for a long time, sometimes even gave them up. Therefore, dependence on the opinions of others, often unflattering, is one of the most inhibiting factors when moving towards the fulfillment of a dream. Join Sam the bear, who overcomes various difficulties on the way to his dream.
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