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Susan Wachtman


Susan McDonough-Wachtman is a writer, mother, wife, gardener, teacher, kayaker, cat lover and book addict. “Well written,” “quirky sense of humor,” and “doesn’t fit a genre” are the comments she hears most about her books and stories. Most recently, “Mother, May I” was accepted for the Halloween edition of Tales From the Moonlit Path, and “Xanthippe” was included in the Brigid’s Gate anthology Musings of the Muses. Ferry Findings, a collection of short stories, is published by Kitsap Publishing. Snail’s Pace is published by Water Dragon Publishing.

Books by Susan Wachtman

Snail's Pace (book) by Susan Wachtman. Book cover
Snail’s Pace is a quirky space opera about a Victorian woman who becomes governess to a space alien snail. Will her strict sensibilities allow Susannah to tutor a creature who leaves a slimy trail? Overly self-confident, Susannah accepts an offer to become the governess to a young foreigner on a ship. She does not expect the ship to be in space, or the foreign child to be an alien snail. Nevertheless, she throws herself into the job of bringing Victorian decorum to the natives.
Fiction > Science Fiction