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Terence Victor Barnes


Born Ipswich, Suffolk, England. I had an active childhood growing up in the 1960/70’s, playing any sport I could, running riot around the streets, fishing and supporting Ipswich Town F.C. I followed the footsteps of my older brother and joined the Royal Marines in 1979 at the age of sixteen. After completing the arduous training and receiving my coveted Green Beret at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) in Devon, England, I was drafted to 40 Commando Royal Marines, based at Seaton Barracks, Plymouth. I served in a variety of locations throughout the world including active operations in The Falklands War, Northern Ireland and Cyprus.

Married in April 1986 to Sharon, I left the Corps in 1987. Subsequently I was employed in a variety of ‘unsatisfactory jobs’ for several years until I saw the’ light’ and, in 1991 attended university in Canterbury, Kent, England. I then returned to Ipswich and became a Lecturer from 1994 – 2018. I am now retired, living with the same wife, one human daughter (Sarah, born 2002) and one canine, approximately ten years old. (we are unsure because she is a RSPCA rescue dog!).

Books by Terence Victor Barnes

Before, During and After My Falklands War: An Autobiography by Terence Victor Barnes. Book cover
A grandfather who drunk alcohol from a bicycle inner tube, my father having episodes on par with Inspector Clouseau, as a teenager running riot around the streets of Ipswich, having teachers bordering on the psychotic that gave out physical punishment at will (including a nun) and football thugs as mentors, all prepared me well for a life in the military. I joined the Royal Marines at the age of sixteen, earning my coveted Green Beret as a naive virgin (in many ways), all before I was legally allowed to vote and drink beer!
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