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Thomas Goyette


I am a recent graduate of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a focus in creative writing. I love long walks on the beach, oh, this isn't a dating site. Well then, I enjoy art and surfing in my spare time, and am always looking to discover new music. I am usually out on a nature trail through most of the warm spring and summer days - I detest the cold so you won't be seeing me around snow. I mostly had pen to poetry, however, as I got older my poems became more complex and lengthy until I realized my true passion was prose. I am spiritually minded and dabble in meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and like minded activities. This is my first novel, and finally getting it out there has been a long time coming.

Books by Thomas Goyette

Stigma: Wicked Rebirth - Book cover
Its been years since the fall, since Sera was found and we realized that our stories of creation weren't stories at all. To find a god, alive, was something no one had dreamt of-but was something too many feared. Sera was weak, and with her capture a pulse washed over the earth-gifting the millions who were chosen fractions of her power as a desperate call for help.
Fiction > Action & Adventure