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Victoria Tyrsa


The author's inner world was formed by several factors:
- Love of reading books from early childhood
- Interaction in a large family, spending time in the town and in the country on the farm, near the river and by the sea,
- Friendship with peers,
- Having two university degrees.
Being a mother of four boys, an author has gained invaluable experience in dealing with children, carefully watching their growth and adulting. It has helped her see how different children can be in the same family, but everyone equally needs parental care and affection.
Having rich experience and luxuriant imagination, she has always dreamt of writing books so she is starting to realize her gift.

Books by Victoria Tyrsa

The story of a small tractor Ben - Book cover
This is a story about recovery, hope, and fulfillment of a dream. A little tractor Ben got broken, so it was sad, and it did not know what to expect... His master Tom in his sleep received an answer about the future where there was a place for his favorite tractor; it brought changes, new friends and the fulfillment of a dream. This book is the first one among “The Adventures in the Berry Land” series.
Fiction > Children