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Now Accepting Users Pictures

Last Updated: July 25, 2015 | 2,540 views

Dear all, are now accepting users' pictures which will be displayed on users' personal profiles and across the website. If you previously submitted your work at and wish to have your picture displayed on your profile, please use our contact us form and send us a link to your personal profile, please make sure you enter your email address you used in submitting your work and add the link to your personal profile page at

Please note that your photo / picture will be uploaded to this website and will be displayed on your profile page, along your books / works and in other summaries, lists and blocks on this website. By sending us the link to your picture you agree and confirm that your photo / image / picture will be displayed as mentioned here. If you chose to provide a link for your photo, please provide a link to a clear personal photo, links to avatars and other photos will not be accepted.

All the Best,

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