How to Make the Most of Your Book Listing on

First, Let's agree on one thing. You submitted your book on just to give your book more exposure and create more awareness about it, and You did not submit your book as part of a routine thing that you think you have to do and deep inside you are burdened by it, because it is taking you away from other things, such as: writing your next book, having quality time with your family and friends ....

Your book submission, should meet its goal, other than this, it is a waste of efforts and time. So how can you reach this goal of creating the needed awareness and exposure that your book deserves?

You can achieve this, by giving yourself the time to have a look and do some little things, but all in all, it will be very useful to maximize the benefits you wish to achieve from your submission. To make it easier we are going to divide things into three simple phases. Please keep in mind they are not time consuming.

Have a Look at the pages and browse the website

Have a look at the pages, to have a flavor of what this site got to offer. Take a look at one or two author profile pages, look at the details included. Also, have a look at one or two book pages, look at how the page is constructed and the major components of a page, like: book title, book cover, description, links ... etc.

During filling the Book Submission form

Once you are done with the previous phase, you can start your book submission process by going to Book Submission Form page. This form is divided into two sections: The first section is about the author himself / herself, there you can include your name, biography, country, photo, links to author's website, blog and profile / pages on popular social networks. If you have submitted a book previously on, you do not have to fill the optional fields or the biography, just include your author's profile page link in the biography field and we will do the rest.

The Second section is about your book. In this section you will be telling us about your book, its title, a description about it, its cover, and links to it (for example on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Author's website, Publisher's website ... etc).

We tried to make our submission form as easy to use as possible, and we included some help tips under each field. Please read them carefully, and fill in as required, to reduce the cycle time of processing your book. Sometimes, authors do not provide a book description over 100 words, this will result in contacting them to provide a longer description ( if other criteria are met ), and this will cause more delay in reviewing, processing and indexing the book.

When it comes to content, we always say the different is the best. The major content component of your book page, is your book description and the major content component of your author page is your biography. We know it is easier for you to copy your book description (from your website or Amazon page) and just include it here, but that will not help, Google, Bing and other search engines will not like that! Why do not you make search engines enjoy and cherish your book page here with a fresh description and make them (Google, Bing and others) look with a different eye at your book page here, making them confident that this page is not just a replica of other presence(s) of your book on the internet, like on your Amazon page, B&N, or even your website page. Just give yourself a little time and modify and add to your book description, make it original, unique and different. This is also applies to your biography.

We also require book description to be at least 100 words and author's biography to be at least 50 words, however, don't just limit yourself to these word count limits, the longer the book description and biography the better.

After having your book indexed

Once your book reviewed and indexed on our website you will be informed of the links to your book and to your author profile page. Although we share these links on our presence on various social networks, it would be also beneficial to share these links on your website, blog and your accounts on social networks, this will increase the exposure to these pages. It is also, important to link to these pages on your website and blog, it is a well-known fact that the pages that receive many  incoming links will rank better on Google and other search engines. Ranking better on search engines means better visibility and exposure to your book and profile.

It is also your responsibility to keep the content of the book and author pages fresh and up-to-date, if for example, the book cover is changed, just submit the form with the updated info and no need to fill all the fields, and we will be more than happy to update your book or page.

These tips are important to make the most possible benefits of your listing and let the word spread wide about your book. Although these tips may seems related only to this website, but you can apply it for other promotional websites, thus, gaining more benefits and visibility there as well.

Having some questions in mind? Please contact us or post your comments below and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

All the Best, Always,


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