3 Hours

by UA Ukraine
January 9, 2018

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3 Hours - Book coverSometimes, life changes unexpectedly. Sunny Rooster, an heiress of the largest pharmaceutical company feels lost. As soon as she takes a bus to get home after work, she, unintentionally, becomes a witness to a phone conversation. Trying to avoid overhearing, Sunny tries to get distracted by her thoughts about the way she lives: her tyrannous father, wh made her choose the wrong path in life, her mother, who did not protect her, her boyfriend, who seems to have better things to do on Friday night than meeting her... Sunny was lost in her thoughts until she realized that she was not the only one to have such issues in life. Sometimes, life changes are to be awaited, and sometimes they come unexpectedly, as strangers in a bus.

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3 Hours - Book cover
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