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A Delicious Mistake

by Roselyn Jewell  US United States

March 18, 2015   |    1,107 reads    |   0 comments

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A Delicious Mistake - Book Cover Did Not Load!Against the vivid Serengeti plains, Sarah Hutton must discover the truth behind her brother’s murder. But is the devastatingly attractive Benjamin Ndlovo—a man from her past—someone who can help her? Or will he strip bare all her defenses and her pride? Wildlife poachers add to the danger to life on the Hutton game farm in Tanzania, but Sarah knows her yearning and erotic fantasies for Benjamin may lead her into something even worse—she may be falling for a dark and dangerous man who killed her brother. Sarah doesn’t know what to think about Benjamin anymore, but she finds herself hopelessly attracted to him—and giving into her deepest desires to be possessed by this beautiful man.

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