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A Legend of Ireland

by Linda Carroll-Bradd  US United States

May 25, 2013   |    1,504 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!A visitor from Texas, illustrator Tara Henning is enthralled with the beautiful Irish countryside. Before she can start sketching, she must act as the representative of the American side of the family at a funeral and then fulfill an embarrassing family obligation. Horse breeder Keefe McMurray is intrigued by the American stranger, a blond beauty who stirs something inside him. He stays close by her side, guiding her through the country funeral and wake. 
When Tara ’s dreamings appear during the day and reveal confusing images, she suspects she’s affected by the mystical Emerald Isle. By carrying out her great-aunt’s wishes, Tara unknowingly replicates a long-standing family tradition. Will she acknowledge the McMurray legend and make a choice that links her future with Keefe’s?

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