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A Magical and Inspiring Story Book Two

And Then There's Haley
by Marissa Marchan  US United States

December 2, 2013   |    1,569 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!In an enchanted forest far away from civilization, Theo and Mary, along with their son RAY and daughter HALEY, live quietly and happily in great contentment. In this strange and mysterious place, they discover that their children were born with great natural powers. Ray possesses special gifts, including the ability to speak with animals and the elements while Haley can talk to plants and animals. She loves to create the most extraordinary and beautiful garden full of vegetables and flowers. When Theo learns the townspeople, who drive them away many years ago, are blaming them for the devastation of his former town, he must embark on a journey to prove their innocence. When Theo and Haley mysteriously disappear, Ray needs to use his keen wits and magical abilities to find them into the most polluted and smelly place in the world

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