A Secret and a Kiss

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July 30, 2015

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Book image did not loadMeg Simpson is running for her life in a desperate attempt to flee the madman who had killed everyone she had ever loved. In haste, she traveled in secret to her uncle’s Colorado ranch. Scared, penniless, and uncertain, she knew only that she had to keep running. Imagine her surprise when she found herself face to face with the one man who made her knees weak and her heart race. Terrified of falling in love with this handsome ranch hand, she resists his attentions and plans her next move only to discover that she is completely inept in the Old West.
As she learns what is needed to survive, she realizes that not all is at it seems at Southfork. Secrets, lies, and betrayals surround her and threaten the only family she has left and lead her to question everything she knows and give in to her feelings for Carter Ellis. Now she just had to figure out how to keep him alive.

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