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A Victorian New York Romance

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August 25, 2015  |  1,539 views  |  0 reviews / comments

A Victorian New York Romance (book) by Celeste RaneMargaret Trumown was excited to arrive in New York for the winter holiday after what she had been through in St. Louis. Now after a devastating engagement that ended and ruined her chances of a good marriage, she was with her prominent aunt in a well to do part of Manhattan. She expected a good winter get away and to marvel at the lights of the modern city in the year 1908, however what really happened was more than she ever thought possible. After a bold and gorgeous gentleman, Bailey Wilcox comes up to her at the theatre and makes sensual statements to her, she is sure that he must be scoundrel. However he turns out to be her neighbor. He tricks her aunt into letting Margaret on a New York carriage ride that changes everything between them and threatens to ruin Margaret forever, that is unless Bailey Wilcox does his duty as a gentleman. It is something that Margaret doubts because she has already been through one engagement that had ended in disaster and she is not one to believe the empty promises of men. She knows that her wantonness has put her into this mess, but she is a lustful woman that has no control over own desires.

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The hope is to explore in depth romance to become enlightened. Love is hard to come by unless you know what your looking for. Celeste Rane wants to explore passion by writing in many types of romance short stories. Celeste Rane believes that romance novels can take you on a short journey to escape everyday hassles. Stories can help free your mind and hopefully leave you in a better state...

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