A Viscount And A Scandal

by Rebecca Dash US United States
July 19, 2018

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A Viscount And A Scandal - Book coverIt’s very bright in the room when Susan finally opens her eyes. She has to lie there for a moment before remembering exactly where she is...

The duke’s estate! There was the ball the night before. The invitation to stay several days. And all that blasted punch. It tasted of fruit, but kicked like a mule, and had her more than a trifle disguised in no time at all.

She has to go through the evening’s events in her mind to make sure nothing took place that would destroy her socially. Stumbling around? No. Making a spectacle of herself? Not her. Giving a gentleman the wrong idea? Certainly not.

Susan closes her eyes again, satisfied that her reputation is safe.

A man snores loudly from somewhere in the room.

What have they done? Has anyone seen? Is it even possible to avoid a scandal of this magnitude?

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