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ABOUT MY HOMELAND: Part one – PATER SAMOKH - Book coverThis story comes to us from the future. It wasn't meant for the people of our time, but you're sure to find it interesting.
"About My Homeland" is a fantasy epic in the form of a short story that you can read before going to bed. It will show you an independent world where magic is a continuation of biology. You'll see the unusual food chain and habitats of this world as you live in the skin of the local humanoids and animals.
Through the eyes of one Pater Samokh, you'll run through the hot wasteland and try your luck as you fight a superior force. Then, you'll tell your story and possibly change the world. The world of the magical future.

Author's Notes

This is a short fantasy story about events taking place in the distant magical future. The protagonist comprehends his life, and then finds himself in the center of fateful events and changes the life of his people. This is the first part in the series, there will be two more parts where we will learn even more about to everyone.

"About my Homeland" is an immersion in an unusual setting, with first-person narration. Adventure action with hidden meaning.
In the world of the magical future, you will find new types of humanoids, magic based on biology, an abundance of monsters, dragons and ascetic nature.

The book has a realistic cover and back cover in print. Inside the book are 15 black and white pictures for the entourage. This story is equally liked by parents and their children. It can be read before bedtime, plunged into this world and fly away in your imagination.

The only caveat - everything is described in the language of humanoids living in the future, sometimes you have to use footnotes to understand what is at stake. The beginning and the end are related in meaning. Some people reread the story and find ideas hanging in the air in it. The author specifically does not give direct answers. You will be able to reason on your thoughts and come to your own conclusions.

But the main plus of this story is how surprisingly it was possible to put a whole epos with the original magical world of the future into such a short exciting story? You will read it in one sitting, but you will be able to digest it only in a couple of evenings. Such a pleasant aftertaste, shock, remains in the mind of the reader. Nice sweet story, with memorable scenes. I definitely recommend to all lovers of fantasy, as a tiny but very amazing pearl in this genre.

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