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The Adventures of Nihu

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March 14, 2023  |  204 views

The Adventures of Nihu (book) by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren. Book coverThis novel is a classic legend of a young hero’s magical journey through a fantasy world where he is tested with incredible challenges that can only stem from the soul of the author’s genuine African culture and vivid imagination. Being falsely accused of a crime, Nihu, a tribal African boy, is banished to the Lonely Forest. In order to regain his freedom, he must find a way to defeat the unbeatable and confront his challenges that draw analogies to our own realities.

Like The Lord of the Rings, this epic high fantasy novel carries the reader to another time and place. Nihu gets sucked into a world inside of a stone, visits a powerful ruler in an underwater city, and befriends a group of refugees. The Adventures of Nihu will not only allow an audience of all ages to escape their own realities, but draw them into a world of high hopes, powers, and unimaginable desires.

About Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

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NG Nigeria

Omoruyi Uwuigiaren is a cartoonist and writer. When he was a kid, he loved music and composed songs for his high school band. After school, he wanted to pursue a career in music. Instead, he embraced writing and studied Mass Communications. His literary works and books have appeared in Moronic Ox Literary and Cultural Journal, Open Books, Urban News Express Online and many more. He’s the...

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