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After the Apocalypse

The Kim and Kaya Chronicles
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January 28, 2023  |  275 views

After the Apocalypse: The Kim and Kaya Chronicles by Scott W Kimak. Book coverA rebellious young woman. A beloved companion. Can they survive the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world?

Kimberly and her beloved dog Kaya grow up in an underground military base during a nuclear apocalypse. They are more than anxious to explore the new world now that the radiation levels have subsided, but there are evils inside the base that might be greater than what exists on the surface.

Are the teen and her loyal pet ready to face the dangers and horrors of what was left behind?

Bestselling author Scott W. Kimak spins another tale of love, loss, and suspense in this breathtaking prequel to the "I call him HIM" trilogy.

About Scott W Kimak

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Scott Kimak is the bestselling author of the "I call him HIM trilogy. He is also a history teacher and Kung Fu master. He came up with the story “I call him – HIM” when he was a teenager but failed miserably to put pen to paper. It took nearly forty years for him to make a second attempt. This time the words flowed unrestrained. Mr. Kimak lives in Harlingen Texas with the love of his life...

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