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Al Capone's Ghost

by Alan Ford  GB United Kingdom

May 30, 2016   |    3,412 reads    |   0 comments

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Al Capone's Ghost (book) by Alan FordEddie Madison had just moved into his new house when the ghost of Al Capone shot into his living room.

Would Al be a bad influence on Casey, his ten year old son? Would he be an immoral challenge to Kate, his social worker wife? And what about eddie? Would he begin to change under Al's malign influence?

What did Al want?

Whatever it was Eddie thought he could handle him.

But could he?


About The Author

I was born. This has been acknowledged by the woman claiming to be my mother. I have this dim memory of seeing her wielding an axe. My father's whereabouts are unknown. He is still running. Though I don't know in which country or in which direction.

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