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Alien Harvest

by Sandra Rains DeBusk  US United States

July 5, 2012   |    1,249 reads    |   0 comments

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Alien HarvestAlien Harvest is unlike and stands alone like my other books, however is different because of the subject matter. It creatively involves the earth being gardened by the aliens for many centuries, and yet humans had no idea!

The story starts out with a normal family having dinner and a radio emergency blaring that the middle east might attack.

Further along within the story it is known that it was not the middle east at all, but outer space, aliens.

The aliens come to earth to harvest what they have delicately grown.
The reaping is conducted with acid rain to melt the skin and soften the bone. People literally smolder to death and a scent floats through the air attracting the aliens and leading them to their meal.

There are survivors and some who never come face to face with the beasts. But they do have to hide to protect themselves.

About The Author

I am a published author. I am married with three children that I love dearly!
I am a very motivated author and love to please my friends with the books I write.
I am a true believer in Christ Our Lord and love all of Gods' creation.

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