Amanda: More than any woman

Amanda: More than any woman by Anton L van den Berg - Book cover.
Anton L van den Berg

28 July, 2016

Telling you what Amanda is about without spoiling the story is not an easy thing to do.
I would however like to pose some questions relating to the story that may guide you towards the content.

  •     What would it be like if two souls occupied one body?
  •     What if one of these souls was dominant?
  •     What would it be like if these souls had different personalities?
  •     How would conflict between these souls work?
  •     What if they were different ages?
  •     Is it possible for them to live together?
  •     What happens if one of them goes insane?
  •     How do they fall in love?
  •     Can they communicate with one another?
  •     How do they handle crisis situations?
  •     How does growing up affect these souls?
  •     Is it possible for one to be clever and the other not?
  •     Do they share the same talents?
  •     Is it visible to others?
  •     How do they handle intimate situations?

I am quite sure that there are many more questions that we could ask about such a situation. However, I would like you to read the book and agree or disagree about the answers to these questions.

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Genre: Fiction > Women's Fiction

ISBN: 978-1466449305


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