Atlantis On the Tides of Destiny

Atlantis On the Tides of Destiny (book) by Jennifer McKeithen. Book cover.
Jennifer McKeithen

30 August, 2017

A princess faces a difficult choice…
A spy seeks redemption…
A soldier finds his destiny...
A dark power rises.

Princess Gwenwhyfar of Ker-Ys is determined to protect her kingdom at any cost. After a pyrrhic victory against the Harappan invaders, she must heal her family's three-generation blood feud if her people are to survive in a world at war. Yet forging this alliance may depend upon renouncing her love for Marcus Duilius, a Roman hero of plebeian origins.

Kenda Ptah, now Ambassador of Atlantis, embarks on a covert mission into the heart of enemy territory–with the one person he can never trust. In the court of King Ashoka, he uncovers a secret that shakes the foundation of everything he once believed. Will he learn to put aside his prejudice in time to escape death and save the Island Continent?

Author's Notes

I write young adult clean historical fantasy romance; i.e., I don't rely the crutch of excessive foul language, violence, or sex to tell a fabulous story. This is because, as a former teacher, I would never want to write anything that might have a negative effect on my students' lives.

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Genre: Fiction > Children


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